Friday, 5 June 2009

Polperro Part 4 - Pubs!

I couldn't write about a holiday in a Cornish fishing village and not show you a couple of our favourite 'locals' could I???

This is the Noughts and Crosses - a convenient watering hole which we regularly stop at when heading out for dinner at our favourite Polperro restaurant!

The Three Pilchards now - a couple of years ago Emma and I stayed in the cottage directly outside it's front door. We could get from our cottage to the pub by jumping between the doorways - we didn't even have to step on the path!

And finally the quite magnificent Blue Peter - the last pub before France! There's a t-shirt behind the bar that we keep threatening to buy bearing the legend "I got wrecked in the Blue Peter"! Maybe one day!

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Anonymous said...

grammy the virgin blogger says the picture of the 3 girls, Emma, Kate & Clare is beautiful.xx