Thursday, 11 June 2009

Polperro Part 6 - Fishing!

You can't go on holiday to a fishing village in Cornwall and not go fishing! Can you??!?!

My fearless and intrepid brother in law, Ant, set off early one morning to book us onto a trip onboard 'The Smuggler'. Back at the cottage we secretly had or fingers crossed that it would be fully booked as the sea was looking a little bit choppy...but he came back victorious, we were booked in and leaving in 10 minutes!

Sea sickness tablets were quickly thrown down the hatch, and we headed round the harbour to meet our skipper, Ollie Puckey (who we know quite well now as this is actually our third fishing trip with him!) who welcomed us aboard 'The Smuggler'.

Everything was nice and calm as we cruised out of the harbour past our cottage and out to sea...

...Where things immediately got a little bit livelier much to my sister, Katie's displeasure!

Dad was the first one 'in' and Ollie quickly stepped in to whip the mackeral off the line and into the keep net!

Kate's mind was quickly off the choppiness as her latest worry was finding a fish on the end of her line!

And another!

Emma wasn't as lucky and just had a couple of hours of winding in and casting back out!

I did catch one, but I had my camera round my neck at the time, so sadly there is no photographic evidence!

Success! On the way back in the water calmed and the sun shone down on our haul of....4 mackeral!

Skipper Ollie quickly 'prepared' the fish for us so that we could cook them at home. Kate wasn't a fan of this part of the proceedings!

The view of Polperro that you can only get from a boat - beautiful.

The fish ready to go in the pan!

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Aunt Diane said...

Lovely sky shot when Emma's looking out to sea. Next year I expect some signs of bravery from the team and some fish preperation from you all.x