Monday, 15 June 2009

Polperro Part 7

There were a couple of nights that we stayed in and ate, drank and made merry under our own steam at the gorgeous Quarry Cottage, our lodgings for the week.

Emma and I cooked one night, Kate and Ant cooked one night and my Dad cooked on the last night (he got the honour of cooking our catch from earlier that day!)

Fine food was served, wine flowed and music boomed (there's no worry with disturbing the neighbours when you stay in a cottage like that - the walls are 6 feet thick!)

Carefully stirring the you think I'd caught the sun that day???

Emma made gorgeous tiramasu - yummy!!!

Goats cheese and cherry tomato risotto - nice!

The magnificent haul from our very own ocean! I cleaned the fish, dressed them with olive oil, seasoned, lime and fresh basil and Dad cooked them!

Mackerel bruschetta!

Lot's of red faces!

The classic 'glasses case for a microphone' that always seems like a good idea at the time, hey Kate?!?!

On our way out for dinner - this is the magnificent view from the door of Quarry Cottage.

More of the absolutely beautiful Polperro:

Emma on the beach in front of our cottage:

5 bounces!

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The Tiramasu looks delicious