Friday, 15 May 2009

Urban Angels opens in Didsbury!

What a great afternoon this was! Fiona opened Urban Angels late 2008 on School Lane in Didsbury village but was so busy for the first few months that she only got round to the official launch party a couple of weeks ago!

Friends of the salon descended for the afternoon and were given complete catwalk hair makeovers to ready them the really genius part of the day - a walking fashion show through the streets of Didsbury village!

Fiona and senior stylist Lisa, went to work on the models and created some AMAZING styles. I then borrowed each model and gave them their own mini fashion shoot on the streets around the salon. We finished at the salon with a seriously mean and moody shot of everyone fully glammed up and ready to go!

The walk through Didsbury was hilarious! The models were all seriously enthusiastic, stopping people in the street to tell them about the launch, running into the bars and restaurants handing out flyers and spreading the Urban Angels message!

It's a great salon, and Lisa and Fiona are so creative and talented - I've been in twice since I did the shoot, but they very kindly toned down my haircut!

Urban Angels is all about supplying a high end experience but at affordable prices. These guys are half the price of your Toni and Guys but easily as good. The salon has got a really cool, boutiquey vibe and decor (very similar in design to many top end salons) and Fiona and Lisa are so welcoming and friendly.

From experience, paying a lot of money for something doesn't always mean you get the best end product. Going into a really top end salon can feel quite intimidating, but at Urban Angels you feel welcome and relaxed the minute you walk in the door.

And Fiona and Lisa are AMAZING at hair!

Make sure you click through to their website and see what they're offering!

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What a great business image, I love it!