Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Polperro Part 3 - The Eden Project

This is the day that even in all our wet weather gear, we really didn't fancy walking - the rain was relentless.

So what do you do when you can't be wandering around in the sun for the day? We headed for the Eden Project a few miles down the road.

These huge greenhouses are 'biomes' and they recreate a specific climate - one is a rainforest (humid!) and the other is mediterranean (much more comfortable!)

There is some truly weird and wonderful stuff at the Eden project, including sculptures like this giant bee!

This big guy does have a name which unfortunately I can't remember! He has been built to highlight recycling. He's made up of all kinds of stuff - computer mice for teeth, bits of cars, washing machines, ironing boards - you name it, he's built from it!

The rainforest biome was unbelievably realistic - I'm sure you'll agree that a couple of these shots don't look like they were shot in an artificial environment!

The mediterranean biome was much more bearable humidity wise! There was so much to look at and so much information to soak up as well!

When I saw these gorgeous beds of tulips I immediately thought of my very good friend, Jane Thompson at Flower Design and how she'd love the amazing array of flowers on display.

These two shots are for you Jane!

The Eden Project really is a very interesting day out and really does make you think about everything they're trying to make you more aware of - recycling, reducing carbon footprints, being kinder to the environment - growing you own fruit and veg even!

It's also brilliantly geared towards kids - this hands on (quite literally) exhibition had kids coming out of the painting area literally covered from head to toe in paint! It was hilarious seeing the expressions on some parents faces!

So a rainy day ended up being a great day out! I'd highly recommend it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny, I'm glad you captured the good side of 'WEEE MAN'. 7mt tall and 7 fridges in there somewhere!His name stands for something electrical.I'm looking forward to your own sculptured efforts in due course!aunt Dianex

Crash said...

Nice work Jonny D.